It’s time to get locked and loaded with our laser tag game. Laser tag is a game where players are thrown into a dark lit ambient laser tag arena where they play a real life simulation of a first person shooter game by shooting their opponents and nabbing scores and points.

We construct some of the best laser tag arena and laser tag game equipment on the market. Each laser tag arena equipment and hardware in our laser tag arena is constructed and built to offer and exude durability, quality and fun.  Get your laser tag guns ready, because things are about to get action packed.

Laser tag vest

When you’re in the battlefield, you’ll definitely need some protection. Our laser tag vest adds to the whole fast pacedexperience of the laser tag game. The vest acts as a camouflage in the dark lit environment of the laser tag arena and also hosts the laser sensors for the opponents to aim, shoot and score.

Laser tag gun

If you’re going to go to a laser tag shoot out, you’ll definitely need some guns. Our laser tag guns are built for precise aiming and fast paced fun. Featuring a sleek form factor that houses the hi tech infrared laser beam  for scoring and enemy sighting and a hi-res speaker for added sound effect,  the laser tag game gun put the action right in middle of the laser tag arena where it belongs.

Ambient lighting 

The best attack is a stealthy attack. To give you an advantage over your opponents, our laser tag arenas come with ambient dark lighting variations and glow in the dark passageways, so you plan a sneak attack or blend in with the environment to distract your enemies in a laser tag game.


The mood for combat is all set by the ambience and décor. We provide some of the most adrenaline inducing obstacles and decors for laser tag arenas that’ll make you  feel right at home in the laser tag battleground.

Score Monitoring System

To know who triumphed in the battle, a scoring system is essential. Our laser tag game comes with a live score board system to keep track of all the players and their scores inside the laser tag arena.

Guaranteed Quality

Our laser tag game equipments are made of the finest materials in the market.  Every piece is designed and constructed with precision and attention to details.


Brand Name Laser Tag game
Model No L-AAJ8540
Accessories Laser Tag Guns + Sound System+ Fog Machines + Score Board
Score Board Individual Score board and Player of the match
Gun Laser Wave Length 650nm
Guns Battery Time 8Hrs
Guns Charging Time 2.5Hrs
Gun Body Space Look Body
Gun Laser Color Red
Application Amusement Park, Indoor Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, ETC

We have an indigenous capability to setup a full Laser Tag gaming zone along with manufacturing of gadgets & scoreboard required for the game.